Monday, November 18, 2013

One Never Knows

On the Appalachian Trail,
An Indian guide
Despite having
Some problems,
Comes highly prescribed

Never Knows
Will get you
From this place
To that,
Providing, of course,
He knows
Where he’s at

He’s known to leave
On a Monday,
A Wednesday,
Again on a Friday,
Before finding his way
On the next Sunday

More often than most
Will dare ever say,
He gets somewhat
Goes completely astray

Six times
Took his party
For bears lean and spry,
Shot and missed
Being blind in one eye

Some days
No progress is made
They backtrack instead,
When his gimp leg opposes
The blind eye
In his head

He can’t tie a rope,
Pitch a tent
On the land,
Having arthritis
In fingers
And missing
One hand

But don’t judge
Too quickly,
Afford him some slack,
When days
May get lost
From the slipped disc
In his back

And should someone
Get hurt
And for help
Give a holler,
He’ll only appear
At the flash
Of a dollar

It makes no sense
For a hiker
Who goes,
To hire the guide
Never Knows

But you’ll never know
Till all’s
Said and done,
Why everyone claims
He’s the best one
For fun

A pure paradox
Yet readily shows,
Dreams can be lived
As one
Never Knows
Chelle Munroe©
November 18, 2013

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