Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Modern Version

In keeping with the theme of the Tanka poetry, I decided to write in the same style but using a more modern approach, which is, straying away from the topic of nature. The following poems, although written in the Tanka style, deal with the subject of romance and love.
Needless to say, romance and love encompass a vast variety of emotions, situations and ideas that made writing these poems a true challenge. The most difficult part of this writing was to embody so much in such limited phrases; an effort that proved to be thought provoking, frustrating, and time consuming.
The following is the results of my efforts and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them. I also hope that these poems will inspire you to think of your own ways to express your feelings, your emotions and your thoughts of what you think is romantic and loving. 


Within Sincere Hearts

Walking hand in hand,
Discussions of future plans,
Splitting a soda,
Shopping together for clothes,
Little things that deeply bond

Finding the right card,
Planning a surprise party,
The ideal present,
Choosing the perfect outfit,
Cherished gifts to a lover

A radiant smile,
Eyes sparkling with dreams to come,
Laughter pure and sweet,
Flowing hair soft and silky,
Thoughts of that special someone


Tender caresses,
Moist lips longing to be kissed,
Loving words spoken,
Passions needing fulfillment,
Partner waiting to be loved

Romantic music,
Candlelight dinner for two,
A single red rose,
Cologne light yet exciting,
Letting her know she’s special

Sexy lingerie,
Perfume soft and alluring,
Lights dimmed way down low,
A drink to enhance the mood,
Letting him know he’s special

Knowing smiles of love,
Silly laughter in the night,
Eyes filled with desire,
Fervid kisses of oneness,
Expressions of loving hearts

Walks on sandy shores,
Romantic sunsets cherished,
Loving embraces,
Awakened by soft kisses,
Treasured moments together

Times of happiness,
Tears of misunderstandings,
Words of forgiveness,
Acceptance and compassion,
Feelings shared between sweethearts

Breakfast served in bed,
Affectionate hug and kiss,
Preparing a bath,
A long sensuous massage,
Enrapturing a soulmate

Tenderness, fervor,
Caring and understanding,
Truly listening,
Respect and equality,
Essence of genuine love

Quiet nights at home,
Cuddling in each other’s arms,
Sharing hot cocoa,
And the Portuguese Sonnets,
Memories for a lifetime


Chelle Munroe©
September 25, 2014




Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life Changing Times

Part Three

Path Toward Tomorrow

Lofty mountain tops,
Your unparalleled vistas
Embody my soul,
And like a lost child come home,
I yearn your peaceful bosom
Within summer woods,
The shy brook trickles along,
Patiently awaits
Soaking rains for renewed strength
To babble to nearby trees
Run sacred river
Run wild and ever be free,
If you could just run
Much faster and far enough
To escape calamity
Below still pictures,
Woeful captions tell the tales
Of fish existed,
Before the factory ships
And pollution took their toll
Prodigious glaciers
Elegant and heart-stirring
To countless tourists,
Including the betrayers
Who neglect global warming
Close your eyes children
And let your mind imagine
Vast thick green forests
Filled with exotic wildlife
Before they were stripped away
Picturesque daydreams
Of velvety green meadows,
Summon memories
Of ticklish barefoot gambols,
And blitheful days of youth
Newspaper headlines,
Earth’s cessation imminent,
Resources bankrupt,
Transgressors in denial,
Money muted and useless
Chelle Munroe©
August 19, 2014