Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Noble Samurai

      A very sensible Samurai got drunk on Saki one day and decided to wander down to the local beach.  Once there, he squatted so he could write his signature in the sand.
     However, because he was so intoxicated, he lost his balance, fell over and couldn’t get up.  The more this mighty warrior tried to get up, the worse his predicament became. After countless attempts, he finally closed his eyes and drifted into a drunken stupor.
     Some time later, he opened his eyes and noticed a beautiful woman coming toward him. He marveled at her two-piece swimsuit and wondered how such a vision of beauty could be coming to succor him.
     When close enough, she leaned over him and he was confused because one of her eyes sparkled like a blue sapphire while the other was shaped like a square black onyx.
     He watched and waited for her to help him up and didn’t notice that she had started to surround his body with mounds of sand. It wasn’t until she began covering him with the heavy wet sand that he realized she wasn’t assisting him at all, but burying him alive.
     The Samurai’s instincts took hold and he made an effort to free himself only to discover that his arms and legs were locked under the weighted sand. He fought to will himself free to no avail. When he yelled for help,  all he heard was a sickening gurgle escape his lips and he realized there had been no beautiful woman at all only the tide rising and before long he would drown.
     He closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate; after all, he was a noble Samurai Warrior. He opened his eyes once more and observed that he was bound in his own clothing and that his mouth was filled with spittle, gurgling in the back of his throat.  Reality set in and he was thankful for being alive and thankful no one had seen him in his embarrassing inebriated state.

Chelle Munroe©                                                                                                                             September 20, 2013

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