Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Need

Dear Jacque,

It has been some time since I last wrote to you and I must apologize for having delayed this correspondence for such a period of time.  I’m sure, however, that you are well aware of the traumatic dilemma I have had to deal with in these past months.  The pain and grief I have had to suffer and endure has been overwhelming and were it not for my knowledge of the truth, I would have succumbed to the relentless and life draining pressures a while ago.
There is no way, my dear friend, for me to explain all the details to you but I trust in your staunch friendship with me that you will once again be a strength for me to lean upon.  Often times, I have wondered how I would gather the courage to face all the trials and tribulations that have been forced upon me, yet I do somehow survive and become stronger each day.  I have now come to the belief that my ability to do so came from the knowledge that I have friends such as yourself who will be there for me in my time of need and who also share the truth about what actually happened.
Needless to say, because of the notoriety that has been aroused by all the publicity, I have lost a number of what can now be considered Fair-Weather Friends.  I must admit that I am neither surprised nor shocked by their sudden disappearance but I am somewhat disappointed for having allowed myself to have been so lax in my selections of them and for having permitted them to be part of my life.  This will of course be corrected in the future.
With that in mind, I know beyond doubt that I can count on you to do me a favor during this dreadful time I am experiencing.  Due to the circumstances involved, all of my assets have been frozen and I am completely without funds and need to borrow some money until this ordeal can be resolved.  I have contacted others besides yourself who can help so that the financial burden is not placed upon any one individual.  I need to raise $10,000 by the end of July to avoid being destitute; something my attorney keeps reminding me of every other day.  Any amount you can forward to me will be greatly appreciated, naturally, the more the better my chances of raising the full amount and avoiding going to jail.  It is with utmost sincerity my dear Jacque that you will come to my aid as soon as possible so that I will not have to face another day of dread. Please be the true friend I have always known you to be.
Lizzie Borden
Chelle Munroe©
September 7, 2013

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