Saturday, January 11, 2014

Surprise Transformation at San Diego Zoo Shocks Scientists

Scientists were shocked on Tuesday when zoo handlers went to feed Jocko the African Gorilla and found him acting like a female gorilla.  When handlers tried to get Jocko to do his daily routine, he became increasingly agitated and began throwing things at them.
Unable to control him, handlers then sought the park veterinarians to assist them.  When the veterinary crew arrived, Jocko was cradling the female doll that had been placed in the cage for Saturina the female gorilla.  Puzzled by this action, the vets attempted to take the doll away and were immediately chased out of the cage by an irritant Jocko.  Knowing the problem was out of their league, they sort the help of famed animal psychologist Dr. Adriana Marley.
After three days of studies, Dr. Marley told reporters that Jocko suffered from Gender Identity Dysphoria, and further explained that Jocko was a female gorilla trapped in a silver-back's body. She went on to explain that when shown pictures and videos of human ballerina dancers, Jocko responded with excitement and made every attempt to mimic the dance moves.  Dr. Marley went on to say that although funny to see a 450lb. gorilla trying to pirouette, she knew that Jocko’s condition was deeper than mimicking dance moves.
Because Jocko can’t speak, Dr. Marley made it clear that it is difficult to state with any certainty that Jocko is in fact a true transgender gorilla.  When asked what led her to believe Jocko was transgender, she replied that somehow Jocko had found and hidden a knife and had been using it to shave the hair from his body and that he had positioned himself with his backside against the wall shielding it from the keepers’ view.  It was only when he had spun around that she discovered his naked behind and backs of his legs.
Dr. Marley continued to say that she had called in experts from all over the country to assess and evaluate Jocko’s behavior.  As of the time of this report, Dr. Marley’s findings have been validated and should it be upheld, would make Jocko the first transgender gorilla in the history of the animal kingdom.
Other scientists who wished to remain anonymous at this time, commented that their findings were also based upon Jocko’s insistence to breast feed the doll, something he had never witnessed in human aspects but had only been privy to in the wild among female gorillas.
When asked what the planned agenda would be to treat Jocko, it was believed that he would be given female hormones to begin transitioning.  It is the hope that he will respond favorably to the medication.  Since the discovery, Jocko has been transferred to a special facility for treatment and observation.
The question was raised if Jocko would be used as a sort of guinea pig because of the uniqueness of the situation; doctors were quick to respond that they would not do so and would respect his privacy.  It was then asked if he would be given a new name and Dr. Marley confirmed that that had already been taken care of.  She then elaborated that she had been given the name Jocalita.
For further information about this transgender gorilla, doctors are advising everyone to contact the San Diego Zoo’s Jocalita Hotline.
   Chelle Munroe©
   January 11, 2014

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