Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Amazonian Secret

Part One:

I’m not even sure where to begin this story and although it did happen, I’m still finding it hard to believe.  I guess the best place to start is right at the beginning.  It was almost a year ago to the day that I had an experience that changed my life and will continue to have its effects on me for the rest of my life.
It was June 24 and nothing special was happening that day so I thought I would drive down to the beach and just relax in the morning sun before it got too hot.  With sunscreen and a book in hand, I headed out the door glad to be getting away from the city.  Because it was a weekday and after the morning rush, driving was relatively easy and very relaxing. 
When I arrived, I was thrilled to see only one other car parked along side the road and parked right behind it.  A big smile appeared on my face brought about by the smooth way things were flowing along.  That was about to change.
The owner of the other car was way down the beach and I could see a fishing rod sticking up out of the sand and knew I’d have the beach to myself unless others arrived, which wasn’t too often because not a lot of people knew the beach was there.
I laid out my beach towel; unfolded the beach chair; slathered on the sunscreen and started to unbutton my blouse.  At that moment, I felt something brush against my foot and my surprise turned to horror when I looked down and saw a toadstool sticking out from between my toes,  I felt a movement beneath my skin and then a toad appeared and climbed up the toadstool and perched itself there.
My first reaction, once I got over the shock, was to shake it off and no matter how hard I tried, it didn’t budge.  I dropped into the beach chair and lifted my foot to remove it but when I went to grab the toad, it dashed off and somehow slipped back into my foot.  I yanked on the toadstool, but that only caused a lot of pain and when I held my foot up to examine it, I was stunned to see it was growing out from between my toes.
Bewildered and shaken up, it took a few moments before I regained my composure and started to take action.  Hurriedly, I packed everything up; practically ran to the car and threw everything inside, while at the same time frantically searching for my cell phone so I could call my doctor.  The longer it was taking to find the phone, the more discombobulated I became which only made me fumble around all the more.  At that point, there was no such thing as remaining calm.
During the time I groped for the phone, I refused to look at my foot afraid to see it was still sprouting that grotesque toadstool.  Another reason I didn’t want to see it was because the mere thought of it was upsetting my stomach and I couldn’t afford to be sick at that moment.  While shaking my purse around, I couldn’t help but wonder what I was going to tell the receptionist when she answered the phone and asked what the emergency was that I had to urgently see the doctor.
That question got answered quickly when I located the phone and called the office.  Before the receptionist could say anymore than hello, I blurted, “This is Ellie Sanders and I have an emergency and am headed into the office right now.”
“If it’s that urgent why…………”
Before she could utter another word, I barked, “I need to see Dr. Lentz and only Dr. Lentz.  I’ll be there in fifteen minutes and I don’t have time to explain.” I hung up and started the car.  The drive to the doctor’s office was anything but calm and relaxed.  Without speeding like a maniac, I maneuvered the car around the traffic and whipped into the parking lot where I parked in the first empty space I spotted.
Seeing my panic stricken face when I stormed into the office, Julia, the nurse practitioner, immediately opened the door and quickly ushered me down the hall into one of the examining rooms. My nerves were so jumpy, I couldn’t sit and although it was only a minute or two before Dr. Lentz entered, it felt like hours were passing by, making me all the jumpier.
“So, what’s the problem it couldn’t wait?” he asked without wasting time.
I didn’t say a word just held up my foot.
The look of shock on his face said it all.  He hesitated then said, “Get up on the table and lie down so I can look at this.”

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