Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life’s Teacher

Look back on the years,
At the road traveled,
The lessons learned,
How different they might be
Had other choices been made
Or attention paid to the teacher

Immaturity ignores the teacher,
Believes there’s many years
To correct the wrong choices made,
And thus, life’s road is traveled
Blind to what could be
Or the lessons to be learned

But lessons cannot be learned
No matter the teacher,
As long as the belief to be
Is of no concern until later years,
Regardless of the road traveled
And the number of unwise choices made

The young dismiss choices made,
Lessons learned,
Consider not the road traveled,
Or worry about recognizing the teacher
Because of the abundant years
To discover what is to be

And yet, what comes to be
Is dictated by the choices made
All through the years,
For only then can things be learned,
As experience is the best teacher
While on the road traveled

Good or bad, the road traveled
Presents decisions of what can be,
Always unveils a new teacher,
Introduces more choices to be made
And more experiences to be learned
To help survive the coming years

It’s the years the road has been traveled and lessons learned that will ultimately be the result of choices made and life’s teacher
    Chelle Munroe©
    January 8, 2014


  1. Thanks Linda it is nice to get such a response. Encouraging to say the least