Friday, February 7, 2014

Annabelle Fatcher

Annabelle Fatcher
Was called an odd dame
Never accepted
Not even with fame

She wore the same clothes
Each day of the year
They never got soiled
Or so it appeared

Boys teased and mocked her
Whenever they could
Claimed she was ugly
 A pig in a hood

She never spoke out
When insults would peak
Instead made a vow
Revenge she would seek

 Then Annabelle smiled
At thoughts of a whim
How to get even
Though chances were slim

Alone she practiced
And practiced to run
For the big school race
She hoped could be won

The day of the race
She wore the same clothes
The boys laughed and jeered
Some made a pig nose

The race began and
Annabelle Fatcher
Ran like the wind so
No one could catch her

In a lightning flash
She raced to the end
None scrambled to her
For none were her friend

Annabelle snorted
As loud as she could
Then trophy held high
She raised up her hood

From that moment on
The boys felt the shame
Because of the girl
They called an odd dame

Though many have come
No one has matched her
And boys dread the name
Annabelle Fatcher
Chelle Munroe(c)
February 7, 2014

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