Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chapter Thirteen and a Half

Computers can be a blessing, but they can also be a curse.  Well, it seems that way especially when you want them to do something special and they freeze-up; can’t find what you’re looking for:; or just plain refuse to cooperate.  That happened to me recently.  I was trying to find the cheapest place to buy a mid-heel sandal and the search engine I was using seemed to take me on a thousand mile trek to nowhere and when I tried to refine my search, it froze up and then took me right back to the beginning.
Of course, the ironic part to this is that while I was calling the computer stupid, I was the stupid one for sitting there stubbornly persistent that I could get this machine to circumvent all the problems and get me to what I wanted.  Naturally, the computer was more successful at being stubborn than myself and I had to resign myself to shutting it down.
Not one to be daunted by disappointment, I headed off to find local stores I may have overlooked in hopes they would have the shoes I wanted.  Six or seven stores later, I’m not sure which having lost track of the number, I found a pair of beige sandals that were nice enough to wear for dress, yet equally nice to wear with casual outfits.  What made it even better was that they were marked down from $45 to $13.  An offer I easily could not refuse.
An odd thing happened at the register.  I paid with a twenty dollar bill and when I received the change, I noticed some writing on one of the bills and because I didn’t want to hold up the customers behind me, I stuck the bill with the writing into my coat pocket, separate from the other bills. I stated this was odd because, normally, I would have paid no attention to the writing on the bill as many bills have notes written on them and it is usually a laundry list of things, or a phone number or something entirely meaningless to the reader.  This writing on this bill, however, was different in that it almost looked to be some form of ancient writing like you would see in a movie or book concerning the 4th or 5th century. 
Inside the car, I pulled the bill from my pocket and read the following note:

 “You must go to Zenda’s House of Time and purchase an Ouija Board. It cannot be from any other place as someone will meet dire consequences if you deviate from this. To find Zenda’s you will need to Google it. Google is the only search engine that will lead you to Zenda’s.  Once at Zenda’s, you will also purchase the book:   “How To Overcome Mysterious Powers and Improve Your Life”.   Read chapter thirteen and one half for your next instructions.  Time is of the essence, so do not hesitate once you have read this message.  Remember, a life is in serious danger if you don’t.”

I practically laughed out loud and shoved the bill into my pocketbook thinking that someone had a wild imagination or it was a game that some kids play online or something. The rest of my day was spent out running errands and stopping for a bite to eat.  I was about to pay for my lunch when I realized one of the bills was the one with the writing and hurriedly exchanged it for another from my wallet.  At the table, I re-read the message and again I laughed out loud, which brought about some strange looks from the patrons nearby as I was by myself and not on the phone with anyone.
At home, I put my purchases away except for the sandals.   Like most women, I had to put them on and walk around the house to get an idea how they were going to feel when off the store carpeting.  When I was finished parading back and forth like a super-model, I sat at the computer and retrieved the bill with the writing from my wallet. A little over fifteen minutes passed before I decided to Google Zenda’s, genuinely believing it didn’t exist.
While Google was searching, I made a cup of tea and was astonished when I sat back down to see “Zenda’s House of Time”, in bold letters on my screen.  Amazingly, there was nothing else on the page --- nothing at all.  So, I did what anyone else would do—I closed the page and did it again and again it came up with the one listing and the rest of the page blank.  I sipped my tea and must honestly say that it kind of spooked me to see those large bold words seemingly staring back at me.  I can’t say they were ominous, but they sure as heck were eerie.
Chelle Munroe©
June 21, 2015

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