Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Flight

Part Eight

Martin caught sight of James running towards him and jammed his foot on the accelerator. The truck jumped forward sending gravel and dirt shooting out the back. His heart was beating fast and hard. The last thing he expected was to see James bounding toward him. He checked his rear-view mirror and felt a little relief when he didn’t see James’ figure. He had to think fast and plan on getting away from the area as fast as he could without drawing attention.
James didn’t waste time chasing Martin. He dashed into the house and seeing the startled look on his mother’s face, he knew she was all right. He spun around and ran out the door, his mother’s voice calling after him. James ran to the garage and jumped into his jeep. He immediately called Dan.
“Meet me at the field,” was all he commanded and sped out the driveway.
When he reached the field where he kept his other plane, he spotted Dan waiting for him. “Help me get her ready for take-off”, he yelled from the jeep.
Dan didn’t question and immediately hurried to release the cables holding the plane to the ground stakes. James unhooked the other side and was climbing in the plane when he noticed Dan staring at him.
“That……sob was at my mother’s house. I’m going to find out where he is.”
Dan held his hand up. “What good’s it going to do you?”
James waved him off. “What are you talking about?”
“You need someone on the ground. You spot him from the sky you let me know and I can track him from the ground. He won’t be expecting you to be in the sky or me coming for him.”
“Will take too long,” James objected.
“What are you going to do if you do find him? You going to ask him to wait while you find a parking space for the plane?”
James swore under his breath. In his anger he hadn’t thought about the plane once he found Martin. He glanced down at Dan. “Okay. I’ll circle till I locate him and let you know where he is.”
“Now you’re talking,” Dan replied and headed for his truck.
James started the plane, checked all his instruments and then taxied to the small runway in the field behind the barn made into a hangar. A moment later, he lifted into the sky and headed in the direction he last saw Martin going. He knew Martin would try to use every skill he had to evade being spotted. James hoped Martin wouldn’t expect to be seen from the sky. Fifteen minutes later, he spotted Martin’s green truck traveling on the back roads through Little Compton heading for Westport, Massachusetts; the complete opposite direction from Connecticut.
James put his headset on and turned on the Bluetooth on the phone. Within seconds, he was in touch with Dan. “He’s headed toward Westport, moving toward East Road.”
“Gotcha,” Dan answered. “I’m on my way. Do you think he’ll stay on that route?”
“My guess,” James said into the mouthpiece, “is that he’ll try to get to the highway. He’s got to be familiar with all the roads around here so I don’t expect him to stay in a straight line.”
After five minutes, James spoke up. “That sly little bugger.”
“What’s he doing,” Dan’s voice piped through the earpiece.
“He made a u-turn and is heading back to you.”
“I’m on East Road now just past the Equestrian Farm, so how much distance between us?” Dan asked.
“You’re about three……hold on……he’s turning again. I know what he’s doing. Good move.”
“What’s a good move? Where is he?” Dan said, frustrated James wasn’t filling him in.
“I know where he’s going,” James responded.
“Would it be too much to fill me in so I know where I’m going?” Dan pressed.
“Sorry,” James apologized; a little more relaxed now that he felt he knew what Martin was doing. “He’s zigzagging heading for Crandall Road”
“Crandall Road?” Dan questioned. “Why go there?”
“He’s going to head straight out to Stafford Road and then onto the highway and back to Connecticut,” James answered with strength and confidence in his voice. “Don’t bother following him now. I want you to head for the Stafford Road Junction. I’ll stay with him from up here.”
Hearing the conviction in James’ voice, Dan simply said, “Done.”
  Chelle Munroe©
  October 30, 2014



  1. Very nice Chelle!

    I wish you and your mother a very Merry, happy and healthy Christmas and a New Year!

  2. Thank you Frank for the positive feedback. I especially thank you for the Christmas wishes for myself and my Godmother. I pray that your Christmas is a most joyous one.