Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Smell

I smell the salt air
Blowing in from the sea
It’s clean and refreshing
And very relaxing to me

I smell the green grass
Growing in the field nearby
Its newness strengthened
From the sun up in the sky

I smell the fragrance of Spring
Flowers coming into bloom
And vision how wonderfully
They beautify my room

I smell hamburgers
Cooking on the grill
My mouth watering
Eager to get my fill

I smell the gentleness
Of dew upon the lawn
Its life-giving moisture
Greets the new day morn

I smell the crisp night air
And feel my nostrils swell
Then gazing up to heaven
Thank God for the gift of smell
                                Chelle Munroe©
                                 July 16, 2014

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