Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Trip

Part Six

As Melinda stealthily moved along the path, she resisted the throbbing pain caused by the scratches on her face, neck and arms. Several times she thought she heard voices behind her and panicked, thinking her abductors were closing in on her, but each time, to her sheer relief, they were false alarms. She came to the fork in the path and knew it would only be moments before she reached the road.
Now with renewed strength, she moved purposefully forward. She saw the lighting from the street lamp and quickened her steps. She was determined to reach the house and call the police. Her instincts told her that the men who drugged her must have discovered her missing by now and wouldn’t be long finding her. As soon as she reached the street, Melinda threw caution to the wind and began running toward Angie’s house.
She ran to the backyard remembering Angie telling her the patio door was always unlocked when she was home or in the neighborhood.  Melinda rounded the corner of the house and almost tripped on one of the patio chairs. She quietly slid the door open and moved to the kitchen counter where Angie kept one of the phones. It took a moment to locate it and she hurriedly snatched it up.
Just then, the overhead lights blasted the room. Melinda quickly closed her eyes from the sharp glare then slowly opened them again. She dropped the phone and heard pieces of it shattering across the floor.
“Angie?  How…….how …did you manage to get free?”
Angie remained silent as though she hadn’t heard Melinda’s question.
A sound came from behind Melinda and she turned to see three big men behind her. At the same time, others filled the room in front of her. She recognized some of the faces from the morning.
She screwed her face up and shifted her eyes to her sister. “What’s going on Angie?”
Another man, Melinda hadn’t seen before, entered the room and stood next to Angie. He waited and when she nodded, he moved in front of her and gave a slight bow. “Everything is secure, Tulkoy.”
Melinda gasped when she heard the name. Her mind went a complete blank. Questions flashed in her mind.  Was he talking to her Angie? Angie the meek and mild Angie? Her sister Angie?
Angie straightened herself and gave a sharp look at the man before her. “A short while ago you told me everything was secure? You also did not tell me it was my sister you had locked up like an animal in the cage.”
He cleared his throat. “That was the fault of those assigned in the vault. They never…..”
“It is not just their fault!” Tulkoy snapped. “You are the Overseer. You were given this position of high ranking because I trusted you would be responsible and thorough.”
Tulkoy stepped away from him and pointed at Melinda. “So tell me, what is your advice going to be concerning her?”
The Overseer looked at Melinda then at Tulkoy.
“Well,” she demanded. “I’m waiting.”
The venom in Angie’s voice was like nothing Melinda had ever heard from her sister and couldn’t believe her ears that she was hearing it now.  She stared at Angie, Tulkoy and wondered what had happened to make her this way.
“You dare to make me wait?” Tulkoy sneered at the Overseer. “On your knees now,” she said with deep contempt.
The Overseer knelt in front of her and lowered his head.
Tulkoy placed the back of her right hand in her left palm. “I’m still waiting,” she said, her words much softer but with just as much dangerousness in them.
The Overseer cleared his throat knowing that he was in a bind and at her mercy. “We follow your plan to honor the double moon.”
“We do no such thing,” she said so forcefully it caused a look of fear to flash across the faces of the others in the room.
She faced the group behind her. “Bring me those two fools now.”
Inasmuch as it looked like everyone wanted to leave the room, only two left to fetch the men Tulkoy wanted to see.
Melinda continued to observe her sister, trying to determine when she had become this…this other person that everyone else obeyed like frightened puppies. Yet at the same time, fear and confusion washed over her in waves knowing that her life hung in the balance of whatever decision Angie, now Tulkoy, would make. She shuddered as a cold chill rushed up her spine from thoughts of possibly not living to see another day crept into her mind.
   Chelle Munroe©
   May 1, 2014



  1. Oh my goodness. I wasn't expecting the story to go THIS way!!! What a twist.

  2. Thanks Linda!
    So glad you were surprised. I take it that you enjoyed it and will keep on reading. Thank you again

  3. I received this comment on the story: Just wonderful! You got me again and I'm sure it won't be for the last time. So many delicious twists and turns make your writing so exciting. I am filled with anticipation for the next part...

    My special thanks for such a fantastic comment. Sure makes it easy for me to want to keep writing.