Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Bones About It

There once was a man
So the story is told
Who searched the desert
For pure nuggets of gold

He shoveled all morn
Then he shoveled some more
Discovered the head
Of a great dinosaur

Incensed with his luck
He spat hard on the ground
Cussed his poor mother
Golden eggs were not found

He quit for the day
Marked the way with old stones
And dreamt the night through
Of gold dinosaur bones

He visioned the spine
Buried deep in a ditch
Saw himself famous
And quite filthily rich

Come morning he raced
To the site at top speed
The smile on his face
Purely driven by greed

He followed the stones
Guiding him to the west
Located the head
But found none of the rest

He tore up the land
For his dinosaur gold
Continued to search
Though he grew to be old

He never returned
From that gold-digging day
The truth of this tale
Is a might hard to say

Yet legend does claim
As the sun sets for bed
You’ll see him roaming
With his dinosaur head

Chelle Munroe©
April 16, 2014

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