Friday, March 14, 2014


Pauly the pirate
Sailed the seven seas
Then somewhere got cursed
Soon after had fleas

They drove him crazy
All day and all night
He itched and he scratched
And cussed his weird plight

He climbed the tall mast
Where the strong winds blew
But the fleas hung on
With sticky flea glue

He went below decks
To rid the dark curse
The fleas grew stronger
His troubles got worse

When all his shipmates
Including top rank
Contracted the fleas
He walked the long plank

Fleas dashed to his head
Clung tightly to him
Then started to stroke
Cuz he couldn’t swim

The fleas multiplied
To thousands and more
Till they were enough
To pull him to shore

Though Pauly survived
And the spell did break
He gave up the sea
And stayed home to bake

For sorcery waits
On those seven seas
To inflict the worst
The curse of the fleas

                                          Chelle Munroe©
                                                  March 14, 2014


  1. That one made me itch.

    1. Thanks Linda for your comment.......remind me not get near you just in case you got the fleas!
      Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated