Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Dragon with Blue Eyes

Throughout the years after it was performed and published, there has been widespread speculation as to what inspired the words to the song about “The Dragon with Blue Eyes”. When asked, the group gave their answers and for the most part, both the media and the public were satisfied. However, now that it is safe to do so, having been sworn to secrecy before, I will relate to you another version as was told me so many years ago.
It all started when Kendra was between the ages of 4 and 5. She was alone in her room playing with her dollhouse and dolls and soon after got tired of them. “Why can’t you be different? I wish you were a special friend who could talk to me and have fun with me.”
These words were spoken almost on a daily basis and everyday she put her toys away and lay down for a nap.  One afternoon, while napping, she had the most wonderful dream. She dreamt she had been given a magic dragon with blue eyes and because he was only little, he could not shoot out billows of smoke or fire. Instead, all he could do was puff tiny blue clouds of smoke so Kendra named him Bluff. But, the one thing Bluff could do to Kendra’s amazement was talk. They became instant friends and everyday when Kendra played with her other toys; she always included Bluff and always offered him the best desserts. They were inseparable.
What no one knew then or knows even now is that Kendra was an adopted child, her parents having died in a car accident. Her new parents hardly ever bothered with her or gave her affection for they were only interested in the monthly checks Kendra received. Their idea of love was to buy Kendra toys and keep her in her room except to eat, use the bathroom or take a bath before bedtime. Bluff, however, came from somewhere else as he was never bought by her adoptive parents; not that they ever noticed or cared what toys she actually owned.
As her dream continued, Kendra and Bluff would wake up together, play, laugh, sing and talk all day long until it was time for bed. Kendra would hug and kiss Bluff good night and he would puff out tiny smoke hearts to her.
In her dream, a whole year went by and Kendra had to go to school. She cried when she was told that Bluff couldn’t go with her. Each day before school, Kendra hugged Bluff and kissed him and told him he was her best friend forever. After school she would race up the stairs and snatch him up and hug him tightly and they would play till bed time.
Slowly though, Kendra began to make friends at school and when school let out, they would get home and meet outside to play. Before long, her time with Bluff became increasingly shorter and she didn’t rush in to hug him as she had before starting school.
Bluff became less and less talkative and would only listen as Kendra exclaimed all the fun she had with her new friends.  Over and over she promised to spend more time with him and over and over, she broke her promise. Not once did she notice the stained furrow in Bluff’s cheeks where he had shed tears so often. Not once did she realize he was heart-broken because he had lost his best friend; nor did Kendra notice right away when one day he was gone, never to return again.
Kendra woke up and wiped the tears from her eyes that she had cried when, in the dream, she had noticed that Bluff was gone. She looked around her room hoping to see Bluff, her magic dragon with the blue eyes, but he was nowhere to be seen. For days, months and years, she wished with all her heart that Bluff would be real and come to her but he didn’t.
She wanted to remember him forever, for he had been her best friend in the entire world until she had forgotten him for others. She vowed never to do such a thing again and swore she would find a way for the entire world to know him. She did just that when she put the idea into her friends’ minds.
The very first night they sang “The Dragon with Blue Eyes”, Kendra dedicated it to a very dear and special friend and she cried.
  Chelle Munroe©
  December 29, 2013

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